Section I – Your membership

  1. All members shall be at least 13 years of age on date of registration with the X-Plane VFR Flying Club (“club”) and hold a legal copy of Laminar’s X-Plane 11, either through Steam or directly from the X-Plane store.
  2. All members shall provide a valid email address and IVAO VID when registering. Failure to do so will result in immediate termination of the account.
  3. All members shall provide valid information when registering. Supplying false or incorrect information at any time will result in a formal written warning and the information immediately amended.
  4. Acceptance into the club is at the discretion of the club management. The management holds the right to dismiss any registration without reason.
  5. Registering for admittance to the club indicates you have read these regulations as set out by us and agree to abide by them.
  6. Members shall not use any form of club branding without the prior permission of club management.
  7. Members are forbidden to have multiple accounts. Members found using multiple accounts shall have both removed immediately and the user informed.
  8. All members are advised to join on the club Discord server.

Section II – Your activity

  1. All members are required to fly 12 hours within the previous 12 months, including 1 hour with an instructor.
  2. Failure to maintain an active status more than twice will result in the issue being referred to the club management and/or flight permissions revoked.
  3. Members who are inactive will have their accounts suspended without notice. If a member fails to communicate with club management within 2 weeks of suspension they shall be removed from the roster.

Section III – Training and flight operations

  1. All members shall complete a flying proficiency test unless deemed otherwise by club management. At the completion of the test, members shall be permitted to fly club aircraft. Limitations on flights may be applied as follows:
    • Solo circuits: The ability to fly circuits at the club’s airfield, or airfields otherwise agreed with club management.
    • Local flights: The ability to fly within 30nm of the club’s airfield, without landing or making approaches at other airfields.
    • Local land-aways: The ability to fly within 30nm of the club’s airfield, including the ability to land or make approaches at other airfields.
    • National land-aways: The ability to fly within the UK, including the ability to land or make approaches at other airfields.
    • Overseas land-aways: The ability to fly overseas, including the ability to land or make approaches at other airfields.
  2. Members shall adhere to all IVAO Rules and Regulations flights are to be conducted on the IVAO Network.
  3. Members shall not interfere with any other IVAO traffic, air traffic controller or training session. Members are permitted to take part in controller training sessions at their sole discretion.
  4. When operating on the IVAO Network, members are required to file a suitable flight plan using In Section 18 (Other Information), all members must place ‘OPR/XPVFR’ in the box provided.
  5. The sharing of cockpits is approved, and indeed encouraged, as long as both pilots are qualified to fly the airframe. When connected to IVAO, the pilot flying shall take all responsibility for the actions of the aircraft.

Section IV – Club structure

  1. The person holding the title ‘Club Owner’ shall have ultimate authority for the club, including its direction and membership.
  2. The person holding the title ‘Chief Pilot’ shall have ultimate authority over aircraft and their maintenance.
  3. All members have an equal share in the club, reducing as additional members join. (3 members, 33% share each. 8 members, 12.5% share, etc.) In practice this ensures that all members have an equal voice and no-one is deemed superior to another, regardless of when they joined.
  4. Members who hold valid real-world ratings are welcome to make this clear at application in order to speed up the process of Section III paragraph 1.

Section V – Data and your rights

  1. Members can resign from the club by emailing club management, where the account will be deleted within 72 hours. Resigning from the club also removes all historical data other than evidence that you were previously a member.
  2. Misconduct, lack of activity or failure to abide by the conditions set within the regulations will result in removal from the club.
  3. You can request a copy of the data held on you by emailing This will usually be provided within 72 hours. You can also request the right to be forgotten through the same channel.